Merkel & Macron unilaterally decide on EU tax – pork barrel deal!

The EU is not a democratic body, but a club of independent nations who have agreed to work together on well-defined areas. It is obnoxious to claim that the EU Parliament is a democratic institution because small countries have virtually no representation. The dozen of so MEP’s we have are nothing but a drop in the ocean controlled by a group of big countries…. And these same MEP’s live in an extravagant manner with 2 fancy buildings in Belgium and France.

For this we pay an annual fee if we are a richer nation, or receive hard cash if we are less developed. We certainly should never agree to any form of EU tax when payments are already high. The EU has continuously shown a complete lack of control over the undemocratic behaviour of Poland and Hungary who receive huge handouts from the EU.

We have agreed that big decisions require a full consensus from all member states, but this requirement is always being watered down by members states. For instance the free movement of labor is said to be a a fundamental right within the EU but the reality is different. Many EU members have introduced their own rules to slow down such free movement, especially if you want to work in another EU country. Rules on budget deficits and debt ceilings are regularly ignored by all of the big countries.

Another regular action that provokes angry reactions is often repeated ritual where the big countries like Germany and France just bully the others into what they must do.

Merkel and Macron appear to think that they can order the other members of the EU to pay a new EU tax without even discussing it first with the us.

The Financial Times wrote this article (FT 20.6.2018):

“In a significant symbolic step, Ms Merkel accepted the principle of a common budget (proposed by Macron) for the single currency union, funded with permanent tax resources and designed to help economies converge and be more competitive. This would be established separately from the EU budget as soon as 2021, the leaders said. Separately, they outlined an overhaul of the European Stability Mechanism, the eurozone’s bailout fund, to expand its mission and allow it to provide emergency loans to countries facing a downturn.”

These are profound steps away from what we the voters have agreed to with our national governments. This agreement appears to have been made so Merkel gets support for her refugee policy!

The EU is not a United States of Europe and can never given the right to tax or pay huge sums of money without proper checks and balances of a nation’s democratic machine – matters that are cemented in the constitutions of our own countries.

It is bad enough to have Junker and Tusk making such preposterous proposals, and even worse to have Merkel and Macron buying deals from each other for domestic purposes.

Is it any wonder that voters in many members states are deeply unhappy with the EU.

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