NYT ridicules Trump&Putin Helsinki meeting

“Be careful what you wish for” is good advise for most situations because the unintended consequences can be catastrophic. 

The New York Times has published a serious and highly critical editorial about the planned meeting in July between Trump and Putin. The article, which is written by their editorial board, confirms that nothing of substance can be expected from this meeting except more of the same self-centred, self serving propaganda that both Putin and Trump have been broadcasting about themselves day after day.

Filling up a few hotel rooms for a few days is hardly compensation for the risk ridicule that  this meeting is setting itself up for. President Niinistö is hoping for something else like international recognition of Finland’s important position as a neutral meeting place (whatever that means), but does he really believe that Trump cares one inch about saving the Artic region. Does he really believe that Trump will listen to him and react favourably. You only have to glance to see the contempt that Trump holds for the G7, for the WTO for the UN, for Climate Change for the EU and its most powerful leader, Ms. Merkel.

Although Niinistö has a good relationship with Putin, and that is important since he is our neighbour, can we trust our neighbour to be a good neighbour when the slightest hint of criticism from Finland brings out a 100 devilish comments from across the border?

The article in today’s NYT (29.6.2018) is something we should take care to keep in mind when stretching out a hand to please our neighbours and other who profess to be superpowers…

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