Politicians should not tells blatant lies!

Tump has crossed the line so many times when he continues too deceive voters and the world. According to the Washington Post, as of September 2018, he has made over 5 000 false or misleading claims since taking office.

The fact that he is the president of the United States of America is no excuse to say or think that he is somehow absolved from the consequences of dishonesty – deliberate or careless. He is in a position, more than most, to check facts, even inconvenient facts.

Your 3-year old grandson knows when he is not telling he truth. Telling the truth is part of our basic genetic makeup. How can society function if we just tell lies and mislead our family, friends and colleagues?

Trump is the head man of the most important society in terms of development, financial resources and size and that means the measure of truth that must be applied to him is greater than that of a relatively innocent 3-year old.

We know that he is a pathological liar. He is not capable of telling the truth if it makes him look bad… He is his mother’s spoilt child. 

His deliberate false and misleading claims are in addition to his support of murderous leaders in Russia, North Korea and now Saudi Arabia. He says that he loves Mr. Kim of North Korea!

He attacks fellow politicians and senior civil servants and treats the serious media as his enemy.

His deliberate false and misleading claims have huge negative consequences for the world:

  1. His deliberate failure to acknowledge Climate Change, 
  2. His often repeated claims that multilateral organisations like the EU, UN and Nato are bad,
  3. He has claimed that there is a link between vaccines and autism, something experts at the government’s leading public health institute say is not true.

Is this a man who is honourable or decent enough to hold any public office?

He is a threat to world peace and to the sustainability of this globe, and we the people should be really concerned about him.

Our European political  leaders should make clear statements that his behaviour is not acceptable. Naturally we should continue to be on speaking terms, but is this enough to limit the havoc he is wreaking on us all?

The definition of “a lie” is to say or write something that is not true in order to deceive.

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