Politics in the UK mirror politics in Finland – confused thinking is shared in London and in Helsinki

Ms. May has made her big EU policy announcement that has been met with ridicule by the EU’s leadership and many member states.

“Cherry-picking” is the word most used to explain that the UK wants to have some rights without the accompanying responsibilities. Most political commentators see that she has tried to strike a balance between those members of the Conservative Party who want a hard Brexit and those who want a soft Brexit. The result is another hotchpot of demands that the EU and its remaining members will never accept.

Ms. May is trying too hard to compromise between two fiercely different opinions to avoid a general election in the UK. If her party is divided over the Brexit vote in Parliament, then there will be a new general election in the UK. She is terrified of that result because the Labour Party has achieved strong support in the polls and the Conservatives will be out of a job.

The same is now happening in Finland, where a small group of powerful right-wing neo-liberals from the Conservative Party, probably backed by Mr. Wahlroos, the super-rich chairman of Nordea Bank, the Nordic region’s largest bank, have suddenly come out against the healthcare reform (SOTE) and the creation of the Counties in Finland.

The Prime Minister (Center Party) and the Finance Minister (Conservative Party) thought that they had compromised on having these 2 big policies neatly tied up in Parliament, but it seems that there is strong opposition to the Center Party’s dream of having a new political stronghold, or bolt-hole, in the form of the new 19 Counties.

The Finance Minister has ordered his Members to vote for the 2 polices, and the Prime Minister has admonished the Conservative Party for a lack of discipline!

So much for party politics where MP’s are told how to vote even when even dummies know that the promised budget objectives will never be achieved by either of these reforms. Healthcare and social-care professionals have heavily and openly criticized the SOTE reform and nobody outside the Center Party has said anything positive about the creation of the Counties as a third level of government in the country.

The present situation is based on confused thinking, the only reason for which is to avoid a new general election, just like Ms. May’s proposals…

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