Sweden could be negotiator to stop Yemen killing

One of the worst humanitarian crimes is being committed by Saudi Arabia and a few others in the civil war in Yemen. 

The Saudis appear to be unable to admit that their leaders have committed a gruesome and illegal crime against a journalist and their oil wealth is being used to kill hundreds and thousands of innocents in a war also in another country.

Estimates of the dead, injured and endangered are as follows:

The UN estimates that 13 million could be facing starvation,

50,000 to 80,000 have been killed in Yemen,

49,960 have been wounded in Yemen, 

3,154,572 people displaced,

50,000+ children died from starvation in 2017, and 

2,310 people died due to a cholera outbreak.

Sweden has been actively seeking a positive and proactive role to stop this killing with major powers while we Finns have heard absolutely nothing from the Finnish government except that the Foreign Ministry is still willing to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. 

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