Swedish election 9.9.18 – too many smiling candidates

Sweden’s next general election is just a month away, and looking at the posters you would think that everything is calm and bright there when you look at the smiling faces of the election posters.

The Sweden Democrats have published a series of young healthy looking women and men with casual clothes in pastel colours with a simple text “SD2018”.

The Sweden Democrats have issues that have been clearly seen and understood by the big majority in Sweden. The perception in Finland is that they are nasty nationalists who we do not want to see here.

Their supporters in Sweden have reacted strongly and sometimes violently towards immigrants. 

There is a KKK streak in many of them on the far right, so much so, that the other political parties in Sweden have distanced themselves from this party. To date no party will work with them in any coalition.

Sweden has been open to immigrants and refugees more than any other European country in relative terms. Back in the 1950’s to the 1970’s Sweden took some 400 000 Finns who moved to Sweden in search off work. They were grateful for the opportunity to work and were integrated well.

This immigration wave was then followed in the next decades by flows from Asia, South America, and more recently from Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

It appears that the huge inflows have now reached natural limits, and may political parties are now willing to place restrictions on immigration. 

Violence and gang warfare in a few cities where immigrant enclaves are large have erupted and hundreds of cars have  been burnt by hoodies this last week – who is responsible is not known, but they tell the story that Swedes are now worried about too much immigration and a lack of success in integrating so many foreigners into the Swedish way of life.

But back to the posters – we have seen such posters before like this one used some 80 years ago:

 The recent posters should remind us that the cost of xenophobia, the cost of whipping up hate against Blacks, Muslims, Jews, or just simply against “Foreigners”. Such activities can destroy the values of civil society in a very short time.


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