Swedish Nationalist party desperate for recognition

The Sweden Democrats are facing the imminent election in Sweden with a bigger than ever support from voters according to the polls. The election will take place on 9.9.2019.

This party has a history of supporting hard-line nationalists, indulges in xenophobia, and has party members who have engaged in violent activities like Macron’s bodyguard. 

They are not expecting to be in the next government because the other Swedish parties refuse to even consider them as possible partners.

However, should such a party be taken as a serious political organisation that should be included in the right-wing block of government made up from those parties like the Moderates, Liberals, Christian Democrats, etc… 

It is an interesting question about democracy to be faced now in Sweden. How can a few of the incumbent parties deny that a democratic vote has taken place and how can they refuse to work with this party? 

The answer that many believe to be true is that many on the right and on the left of the political spectrum see this party as one preying on ignorance and on fear. They are thought to be sowing the seeds of a political movements that denies basic democratic rights to big groups of taxpayers – the immigrants, their children and their grandchildren. 

The Sweden Democrats have made an election promise to deny immigrants the right to vote if they maintain dual nationality. They even included the immigrants from their Nordic neighbours!

Naturally, there was a big outcry from Finland and from the Finnish immigrants living in Sweden. There are over 500 000 first, second and now third generation Finns living in Sweden, a country that is virtual identical to Finland. We both speak Swedish as first language and we share a long shared history as very close neighbours. 

The Sweden Democrats quickly reversed their “carefully crafted policy” and now will not deny such rights to their Aryan neighbours, for which we must thank the party’s outstanding Christian values.

Democracy in Europe and in the USA has been tainted by too many who prey on ignorance and fear. Let’s hope that the other Swedish parties remain firm in their resolve not to enter into a pact with these thugs. 

Picture: “Of Course He Wants To Vote The Democratic Ticket” by A. B. Frost, 1876. ”  

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