The EU continues to abuse the weakness of our political leaders, at treat cost to EU taxpayer

Junker’s lack of judgement continues to tarnish EU’s reputation by appointing Mr. Seymayr to top job without transparent process, and by trying to grab over €50 billion from the EBC to cover the EU’s budget

It was bad enough to read that Juncker has de facto appointed Mr. Selmayr as the European Commission’s top civil servant in what been labelled as a “coup-like action” in a report by the European Parliament. It is outrageous that such a man is even proposed for the job since his behavior, like that of Junker, has provoked strong criticism within the EU.

FinnishNews understand that the European Parliament has launched a probe into this appointment after Juncker arranged for his then chief of staff to be promoted twice in one day, while concealing the move from most of the commission’s political leadership. Tis is totally unacceptable and is in clear breach of simple democratic principles.

A second piece of unacceptable behavior is Juncker & Co’s attempts to find cash to fill their ever-expanding and profligate spending habits. Brexit may cause a €100bn hole in the EU’s common budget after the UK stops paying into the pot, and the European Commission is being forced to think creatively to fill the gap. Their proposals are to take some €50 billion from the reserves of the European Central bank, reserves that have been earned from printing money and delivering it to the Eurozone central banks, of which Suomen Pankki, our central bank, is one. That money belongs to the member states and not to the EU and it is outrageous that such a proposal is being made by the EU.

These reserves are a way to set up a potential Eurozone-only budget as championed by Emmanuel Macron. Mr. Selmayr, who was a former ECB lawyer, is one of the biggest backers of the central bank raid and is trying to sell the idea to member states. The European Parliament is already on board. One EU diplomat dubs it “a low hanging fruit” in the forthcoming budget battle.

There has been no substantial reporting of either of the above in the Finnish media and it is unthinkable that Finnish politicians should sit quietly and accept both matters.

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