The Finnish Social Democrats take the lead in the polls

SDP = Social Democrats, Kesk = Center Party, Kok = Conservatives, Vihr = Greens, Ps = True Finns, Vas = Left, Rkp = Swedish Folk, Kd = Christian Democrats, Future Blues = SIN, Muut = the rest.  The graph has been copied from Helsingin Sanomat 18.4.2018

The new monthly gallup from Helsingin Sanomat, the big Helsinki newspaper, contains plenty of surprises. The Social Democrats have taken the lead position from the Conservatives for the first time since the last elections.

The Conservatives have also seen their first fall in popularity since these elections some 3 years ago. The reason for this is fairly obvious. Their rise in popularity was largely attributed to the solid victory of the Mayor of Helsinki in the last municipal elections, and not because they were doing things right in government. The Centre Party has been punished by voters from their election victory of 21.1% to 15.7%, and Future Blues have registered the grand total of 1.6% in the poll!

You can expect that Future Blues will disappear and be closed down soon after the next election – they have nothing to offer except coats turning with the wind.

The poor performance of these 2 parties is clear evidence that voters are not happy with the present government. The Conservatives have avoided this fall by having an excellent man elected as their candidate for the Mayor of Helsinki Finland’s capital city. However, this same Mayor has now been the sharpest critic of the present government with regard to the Healthcare Reform and the creation of the 18 Counties. He regards both as being unnecessary and wasteful respectively. That has been poison for his party, and they now join the ranks of the other two parties.

There is nothing surprising about this – you only have to ask ordinary folk what they think about the healthcare reform and the answer is almost always, “We just do not understand what it all means.” 

The public broadcaster even has a nice lady who appears each week on the TV news and tries to explain the latest twists and turns of the healthcare reform. It appears that most politicians and big private lobby groups are all chasing after the biggest advantage by making new proposals as soon as the old ones are turned down for some obscure reason. The present government appears incapable of planning and communicating policies clearly to the nation.

The Social Democrats will not save Finland from trade wars or economic downturns, no more that the present government can take full credit for the boost to the economy from the economic upturn in Europe and in the US.

It is little wonder that voters are turning their backs on the Conservative and Centre Parties. Eduction has seen deep cuts, care of the aged and pensions have seen cuts and big companies still receive huge grants from the government which have NOT been cut… Credibility is definitely at risk and this is stirring up the numbers here in Finland.

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