This Week in Finnish Politics

The first polls are out for 2019 and the situation has not changed much. The Social Democrats are still in the lead, followed by the Conservatives and the Center Party trailing third. The Greens still have work to be done but their losses have slowed.

The True Finns and the Left registered some increase but they are too far behind the 4 largest parties. At best both parties are marginal. The remaining three parties are far too small to be interesting and if the Swedish system was introduced here too the Swedish Folk Party and the Blues would disappear.

The elections are coming very soon in mid-April 2019. There is much confusion in Parliament about the Healthcare Reform and about the new Counties. The two big parties in government are arguing behind the scenes because they know that life after the election will be very different if the Social Democrats win the election as the largest party. This means that the Center Party will be thrown out and the Conservatives will have to bury a large part of their planned healthcare privatizations. Given the poor performance and track of the Center Party, in particular the Prime Minister and the Transport Minister, in their haphazard ways of trying and failing to implement reforms, it is no wonder that voters would like to see them removed.

It is rather surprising that the Conservative Party has not suffered from the same deficiencies because they have also been involved trying to push through unconstitutional bills through Parliament. But they seem to be pleased that the Center Party is taking most of the blame!

The Blues will be doing a disappearing act in the coming election but the True Finns, the masters of plagiarism and alternative truths will probably secure a Trumpian victory on minimal proportions reflecting the dumbing down of politic that has driven voters to desperation.

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