Trump, North Korea’s Kim and Putin, the nuclear option and New Zealand Boltholes

Your correspondent is currently on a trip in New Zealand where the government here are considering to pass a law that will stop foreigners from buying real estate here in New Zealand. One of the targets of this legislation is to stop foreign billionaires from buying luxury homes that are being designed to withstand nuclear holocausts. There are a number of newly built homes that  are being marketed as being able to withstand global catastrophes that are called “boltholes”.

And well might the very rich be worried and seek out solutions for the beloved ones – Trump Inc. and his friends, the other Really Great Leaders Kim from North Korea, and Mr. Putin, appear to be dangerous bedmates because they have started to talk openly about using nuclear bombs. Your correspondent can recall the memories and nightmares of nuclear bombs from his early childhood in the 1950’s when Hiroshima was still fresh in our minds. So it seems quite apt that the very rich, probably including Trump, Kim, and Putin are seeking out such solutions.

Trump has also woken up Finland’s neighbour, Russia, the Brown Bear Boys, who have just announced that they have developed a nuclear rocket that is so fast and so smart that it can avoid the superior radar defence of Trump Inc. Whether there is any truth in this announcement is open to question because we all know how well Lada cars work…

But even if they manage to get a rocket up in the air without too many duds, the question is not so much about US air defences, but what will they be doing about Finland and the other neighbours next door?

Having “Great Leaders” next door who you really cannot trust is never very comforting, and having them banging their bared chests with the threat of using the nuclear option does make life very uncomfortable.

Well, one can only hope that the New Zealand Government will let in Kim, Donald and Vladimir before things get really bad. They all seem like eligible billionaires who will have nowhere else to land their big safe jet airlines if the three decide to destroy the others’ countries. New Zealand will be the only safe place to land because it is so far from the rest of the world.

New Zealand is in fact a gorgeous place to be right now because they have a warm temperate climate of around 22C just now when Europe has been stopped dead in its tracks by freezing weather. Even Helsinki has seen minus 20C this last week! The hills, lakes, mountains, forests broad sandy beaches and huge fields full of sheep, cows and deer re amazing. The people here are also friendly but also rather xenophobic. They has seen a huge influx of Asians and Indian tourists and the recent numbers of such tourists has exploded these last couple of years.

The numbers have grown so fast that it is little wonder that many locals want to put the brakes on.   In terms of mentalities, and culture, the two are at opposite ends of the scale.

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