Trump&Putin Summit in Helsinki – another waste of time

The thing about Trump, apart from his bird-like twittering and his golden coloured make-up, is that he enjoys being offensively impolite, then overly-polite, and then offensively impolite again to almost everybody. The only person who has escaped his rancour is Mr. Trump himself…

He has managed to stir up so many major global problems that we must award him, not the Nobel Prize, but an Olympic Gold Medal for being the most unpleasant and most dangerous President of the United States. His last meeting with “Nuclear” Korea is just another example of his complete lack of understanding that the Koreans had no intention of giving up their bombs and missiles.

He is now planning to spend a delightful day in Helsinki with his greatest political mentor, Mr. Putin. It will be wonderful, but highly unlikely, that Russia will give Crimea back to Ukraine or that they will admit to shooting down ordinary airliners and killing and poisoning Russians in the UK.

The hotels in Helsinki are really pleased because they get to fill up every room with the bodyguards and all the hangers-on who profess to taste the leaders’ meals for poison, write wonderful stories about how successful the meeting is going, and take lovely, smiling photos of these 2 Great Leaders.

Mr. Trump wants to be seen in Helsinki’s big palaces with lots of old pictures in golden frames that will make him look as important as Mr. Putin, who enters through huge golden doors every time he is elected by 99% of the people. How Trump wants to have the same election result!

Both men want a full army of Finnish police and military staff with lots of blue and red lights flashing. They want the traffic to be stopped, and they want thousands of Finns to stand along the roads all night and all day waiving the Russian and American flags.

On the other hand, we suspect that most Finns will be off in the countryside in their summer homes, far away from all this expensive grandeur for which we the taxpayers are having to pay… 

Most of us in Finland know that spending public money on these men, who are both incredibly rich, is a terrible waste, when we have much better uses for such taxes – education, care of the young and elderly… These 2 should pay us for all the trouble they cause, because I suspect that they care very little about what we Finns care about…

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