Trump&Putin to Helsinki – Who pays €15 million?

Singapore just paid out some €15 million for a 3 day meeting between 2 elected leaders – Trump and Kim. Just imagine what else you can do with €15 million?

This money was spent on 2 of the most awful people you can imagine. One is a despot, and the other needs no further description because he tweets indiscriminately all the time while eating Big Macs. You can imagine that his Chinese-made iPhone is covered in ketchup…

Now the Finns, it appears, want to do a repeat performance to get the T&P to Helsinki to talk about saving the world that they are both destroying. 

Who will be paying for their gun carrying armies who wear Kevlar boy armour, have earphones stuck in their ears and microphones in the wrists? It certainly should not be the Finnish taxpayer because both men come from superpower  countries.

The whole idea that we should host and pay for such meetings is criminal when we have budget cuts for education, healthcare and care of the elderly. 

If you think that being on CNN for one day is compensation then you might as well go and live in North Korea because the government there also let’s you pay for everything so Kim lives a life of luxury, without letting you enjoy anything but a bowl of rice and 7 days’ hard labor. 

If these 2 men come from superpowers then why do they need protection and why do they need to be in Helsinki? A superman surely does not need armed bodyguards and Finnish police or Finnish army protection if they want to visit Helsinki.

We have a lovely city and having T&P visiting with a carbon footprint that is the world’s worse and expecting us to have our calm and beautiful city raped for 3 days is just beyond belief.

Let them go and chat over Skype – and let us save €15 million for important things like education, healthcare and care of the elderly.

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