UK and Finnish Transport Ministers have much in common!

The preparations for Brexit are far, very far from ready. The Prime Minister has been repeating that Brexit means Brexit for 2 years and in less than 2 months Brexit, in one form or the other will take place like the Big Bang 14 billion years ago!

The biggest and most critical physical problem will be getting lorries through the EU Customs as they get on or off the boats to sail across the channel. It is estimated that the thousands of lorries will form 20 to 30 mile queues on each side of the channel. There are not enough boats to handle the lorries because new ports will be needed to keep these super long queues shorter.

The British Transport Minister made a contract with a start-up transport company, backed secretly by an Irish shipping company to open up a new route between the UK and Holland. The UK port is not anywhere near ready and the shipping company has no boats nor any experience in running a shipping company! Their secret Irish backer pulled out when it realised how bad the situation was. Now the media and many people are demanding that the Transport Minister resigns, but Prime Minister May has said she has full confidence in her Minister.

In Finland, something similar has been going on for the last 4 years. Our present Transport Minister has come up with brilliant policy solutions that have been stopped at a later date when people realise that they have not been carefully planned. There is a whole series of mis-steps made by her that have embarrassed the government. And one could describe her as being one of the most unpopular ministers in the cabinet, except, of course, her right wing friends who have thought that they might benefit from her policies. 

The only other person who give her a 100% vote of confidence is the Prime Minister here, who is also looking like a lame duck leader in the polls.

One of her biggest blunders has been her attempts to sell off profitable railway lines to the likes of Branson & Co who have such a great track record from running railway lines in the UK, operational contracts that have caused huge losses for the UK government and where passenger have considerably suffered from terrible service. She is one of these people who believes that the private sector operators, or foreign state-owned railway companies from France, Swiss, Germany, China and Spain are better than the solid reliable and efficient Finnish state-owned railway company, VR!

The good news for the Finns is that we will have new elections in April and this government, based on the latest polls will see the removal of both the Prime Minister and our Transport Minister.

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