Violence on networks is “good” for media and platforms

Facebook and the other similar platforms need to be closed down since they are not adding to our social values, but they running fast in the opposite direction with a lot of loot.

They are too big to control what their own sites are broadcasting, something that we would never allow with our own media. So why do we accept that Facebook can get away with such behaviour?

The terrible violence that we read about every year from a violent few is incomprehensible for ordinary people.

Why any person would want to kill with a car bomb, or shoot others with a gun or semi-automatic rifle, or stab with a knife can only be explained by that person being mentally deranged, brainwashed, or just simply forced into doing it by cruel controllers?

Very few of us ever have to be in that position, because most of us have safe, secure and caring societies, where systematic instruction and education is given at our schools, in the families and in the media. We are constantly bing reminded of our civic duties to be good citizens, and there are normally clear consequences for private individuals if these rules and laws are broken.

At times like this you can be rather cynical about the TV programs that are being aired, along with blockbuster films and online computer games where murders, torture, terrible violence and wars are being broadcast every day of the year.

Showing the violence with actors, real or otherwise, is not so different, if at all different, from what goes on in front of the gun-slinging killer who is willing to commit suicide to make his warped point of view public.

So while the Prime Minister of New Zealand is telling us that gun controls need to be sharpened, should we also be not planning moves to restrict violence being broadcast on to our screens?


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