Where is Brexit going today?

Have you been trying to understand where Brexit is at the moment? It is tricky to follow every twist and turn because you have to understand British politics, British law, British traditions, and British class society. 

Few Finns and Brits have any idea about all four topics at the same time because you have to be a politician who has trained as a lawyer with wealthy parents who live in a big house and have plenty of money to send you to a posh private school and then to Oxford or Cambridge University.

If that is you then you understand the basics of Great Britain – that “Green and Pleasant Land” where “Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to War” are going forward to protect their money from the insufferable civil servants in Bruxelles, who are trying to steal Britain’s independence and their dreams of past glory and colonies. 

These rich Brits just hate the riff-raff of Europe, and so do the great masses of the working class who are fed on a daily diet from “The Sun” and the “Daily Mail” newspapers of half-naked women, today’s diet, today’s sport news, and today’s claim that the EU is once again doing something dreadful.

The stories in these 2 newspapers have nothing to do with reality – but they sell lots of advertising and make their owners seriously rich so that they can afford to sit at Trump’s table and poke fun at the rest of the world.

So where is Brexit going?

Brexit is going nowhere – it is being postponed by Ms. May for an indefinite period of time because she cannot do a No Deal or a Real Deal. 

Doing a no Deal will mean new elections and she would lose.

Doing a real Deal would be voted down, and then there would be new elections, so she is doing a Great Deal that will be a Something Deal later. 

That means she can say that she has achieved a Great Deal when she knows full well that she will not be a Prime Minister when and if there is a Something Deal.

The rich Conservative MP’s will not be able to vote against her because the media will be saying that she has achieved a Great Deal and that will appease the Masses (ordinary working folk who read the Sun and the Daily Mail)….

… and since the Masses are happy, Mr. Corbyn and his happy followers in the Labour Party will be happy too because the Masses are happy…

This Great Deal will mean that Great Britain will then stay in the EU like Norway and Switzerland… but nobody will ever admit that publicly.

… and then when everybody has happily forgotten that there was a Brexit referendum in 2016, the British politicians, British law, British traditions and the British class system will continue for ever as a nice quite and well-behaved part of the EU.

… and that was what Ms. May wanted all along… 

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