Why are we told that it is democratic to vote for Members of the European Parliament?

You can vote in your own national elections for your municipality and for your own Parliament. This is real democracy because your own national values are enshrined in your education system, in your own culture, through your national languages and institutions that have all evolved over the years and decades, even centuries.

Your national media also prints and broadcasts news, facts and analysis to uphold local and national democracy.

When you consider the European Union, you are faced with something that is probably best described as totally alien when you compare it to the democratic activity within our national boundaries.

Finland and Denmark have 13 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), while Sweden has 20 MEPS and Norway has none because it is not a member of the EU but it does “enjoy” a strong association! So the Nordics together have 46 MEPs out of the present 751, which is around 6% of the total number of MEPs.

Naturally none of us Nordics can vote for candidates from other countries, but what can you do with a mere 6% in a “democratic” chamber that passes binding laws on each member state without much, if any, coverage in the national or local press.

Just consider the following about the member states:

  1. We have completely different climatic conditions
  2. We have very different legal systems
  3. We have different social and political structures
  4. There are few common economic and social interests
  5. We have very different cultures
  6. We have very different histories
  7. We have different languages
  8. Our economies are totally different and not synchronised, nor do we have the same products and services
  9. We have very big differences in national wealth, and internal wealth distribution between residents is completely different
  10. … and finally –
  • You cannot even vote for who is the President of the European Council
  • You cannot even vote for who is the President of the European Commission
  • You cannot even vote for who is the President of the European Parliament
  • You cannot even vote for who is the President of the European Central Bank

So basically you cannot call the EU a “democratic” system, and certainly you cannot imagine for one minute that this unholy mixture of nations can ever be a federation called the United States of Europe.

So why are the 4 EU Presidents and others there harking as like god-like high priests that we must aim for more and deeper integration to achieve an ultimate objective of a United States of Europe?

Your correspondent is not asking for the EU to be closed down, but its remit must be limited by a firm and legally binding rules to prevent the current excess that the present and future Junker & Co. are playing with.


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