Why do “Great Leaders” need great protection?

It is somehow shameful that Singapore pays out €20 million for protecting 2 outrageous men for a 2 day’s stay in Singapore!

Both have troops and security details standing on every corner watching out for murderers. Both travel in specially armed and protected planes and cars. Both have absolutely no contact with ordinary folk anywhere in the world.

Both are not going to solve any of the world’s most pressing problems and yet they get treated like gods!

Singapore has even closed airspace above Singapore – is this because they fear that the Gods will strike these 2 men down with some sort of holy lightening strike?

Why is it that ordinary men can become this type of outrageous demigods? 

Why do we have to offer Prime Ministers special cars and special protection at all?

And now we appear to be surprised that people are voting in a “populist manner” against the incumbent leaders. There is nothing surprising about this – it is perfectly natural for ordinary folk to show their disgust with Kim and Trump, Juncker and Tusk, etc… etc…

What do political parties represent today when they only have a tiny fraction of real members compared to the general population.

It is not time to stop the political  system from the costly isolation?

Photos: NDTV & The Angry Patriot

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