Why Finnish PM blindly follows Merkel?

The present weak state of Finnish government can be summed up by 2 quotes from our Prime Minister around last week’s EU Summit where he stated the following before the summit:

“We will follow Germany…” and then after the summit: “The immigration solution of the EU summit is in line with Finland’s immigration policy!” 

How is it possible that an independent nation can attend an EU summit and have no prior objective other than blindly following another country, and how can the same country then later declare that a watered-down consensus on immigration is in line with Finland’s policy, a policy about which nothing has been written in the press beforehand!

When leaders meet at such meetings, then you should only attend with a handful of clear demands to protect your national interests. If Germany is the only country that protects our national interests, then Finnish voters should ask 2 questions about our political leadership:

  1. Should we instead be voting to be part of Germany? or,
  2. Should we kick out our present government for being useless at planning and implementing policies?

Merkel is a weak leader today, her immigration policy and her government’s attempts to corner decision making in the EU with Macron for internal political gain are unacceptable since they are not in the interests of the other 26 members. We have no reason to support such behaviour when the EU is non need of urgent reforms. 

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