EU pushes Finland on Healthcare Reform

When a country like Finland has been attempting for decades to reform its public healthcare system, you do not expect that the EU to interfere in this matter.

The Minister of Finance has just announced that the EU is of the opinion that the Healthcare Reform should be passed swiftly!

Readers should be aware that the minister’s former colleague from the Conservative Party is currently the European Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and is probably the source of this unnecessary intervention. The minister appears to be intent on driving this reform at top speed even when it is far from optimal and contains many troubling risks.

Finland is in fair economic shape and, although things could be better, we are still enjoying one of the highest standard of livings in the EU, as well as being a net contributor to the EU budget.

There are no significant risks in delaying and improving these reforms by a year or two. It is much more important that the reforms are agreed across broad political lines and that they are properly planned and executed.

Readers should remember that our present public healthcare system is both cost efficient and well managed – the future challenge is that we must improve efficiency because we have an ageing population.

There can be no question that a considered reform of healthcare and social care reform is necessary, but there are also other matters to reform, like for example, big corporate subsidies and labor market reforms. Both are equally necessary because time and taxpayers’ money is wasted on them.

But to have the EU commenting on something outside their remit and on a matter that is Finalnd’s decision to make, one can only say that this is an unwarranted political interference in our national affairs.

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