Facebook, Equifax, NHS, credit card data, and bank payment system “failures”…

All of the above networks have seen their data stolen or used illegally during the last years.

It all appears too easy for professional hackers and rich businessmen to obtain data on us that we have never agreed or wanted to be made public.

We now have learnt that Facebook has allowed over 50 million users’ data to fall into the wrong hands. They claim that they did not know, but if it was locked up securely with the authorised academic user (Dr. Krogan) then their should have been no chance that Cambridge Analytica could receive this data and use it for either Russian or Trump related business.

Equifax had 150 million users’ financial data stolen.

The UK’s public health records at the NHS’s data has been stolen.

Credit card data is stolen every day with huge amounts of money being lost by banks and users.

Older folk who just do not understand what they are doing have been tricked by confidence tricksters to pass over their PIN codes and bank account details – they then see that their bank accounts are emptied and the banks say “sorry, you were stupid…” just like Uber will say when the next robot car kills another pedestrian…

In Finland, bank payment systems of the 2 biggest banks continue to fail for an hour to a day for “unexplained reasons” for around 10 times each year.

The UK has announced that their water, electricity and banking networks are threatened by Russia who may take reprisals against the UK because Prime Minister may has accused Mr. Putin & Co of killing spies on their soil.

With all of the above happening and with network threats from Russia being taken so seriously by the UK, we should be very worried about our own network infrastructure.

Russia delivers huge amounts of energy to Europe and yet we still allow them to build more gas pipelines and nuclear plants on our soil.

It is great that Finland’s President can still talk with Mr. Putin and it is comforting that Mr. Soini, our foreign minister, tells us that Mr. Putin is so popular in Russia, but one cannot help thinking that the actions of both men do very little to reduce the threats from Russia on our countries’ well being. Do you think that Putin really cares about small countries when push comes to shove…

Finally, what sanctions will be paid by Facebook, and others? Since Mr. Trump seems to be a major beneficiary of Facebook’s negligence, we can probably assume that they will be allowed to continue cheating with impunity…

… and what about all of the data leaks elsewhere that are still being hidden – “no smoke without fire…”

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