GoodNews from Finland

Myssyfarmi’s tale is a good yarn

A bunch of Swiss and Finnish grandmothers, a sheep called Bambi, the coolest beanie in the world and a career-ending injury have led to a new global fashion brand rising out of a Finnish village.

Skincare with UX is child’s play for Alva Organics

How can a skin cream for babies be like a Swiss army knife? What does it mean for a cosmetics product to be future-proof?

Finland launches Startup Permit

International growth entrepreneurs are now eligible to build a startup company in Finland, with the launch of the Finnish Startup Permit.

Marimekko and Plan campaign for equality

Marimekko and Plan International are supporting children’s rights and education of girls in developing countries.

Pentisol is taking its food spray to kitchens abroad
This over 35-year-old company has revamped its product line, opening the door to international markets.

Habbo creator Sulake releases Hotel Hideaway

Sulake has dropped its biggest release since the launch of virtual online community Habbo 17 years ago.

Hartwall’s Original Long Drink lands in China
Finnish beverage company Hartwall continues to expand the worldwide exports of its Original Long Drink alcoholic beverage.

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