Is AI just risky software that, like Facebook, harbours much bigger dangers for mankind?

If you read “Homo Deus” by Professor Harari, you will be struck by a central theme of human’s continuous development. But you will or should be even more struck by his concrete-like assertion that humans are no more than “human” than computers that use simple or more complex algorithms! He states in his book that experience and genetics has programmed our brains and senses to make preconditioned like and dislikes. In other words, according to him, we behave just like a machine that has been programmed, and that consciousness is no more than a state of “On” and “Off”, like any binary system.

That idea has worried your correspondent for weeks because it devalues what he and many others believe is beyond our present comprehension – the stars, the universe, us, and whatever else is out there…

… and that is the rub.

If you then read thoughtful books like “SuperIntelligence” by Professor Nicholas Bostrom, you are faced with the terrifying prospect that someone or some irresponsible government will develop AI to the point that it takes over this world, and gets rid of the superfluous human beings, who will be inferior to the more superior computing power and intelligence of AI monsters that will eventually rule the world and the whole universe!

Then the next logical question is that we must stop this development from happening which Professor Bostrom says is unlikely to succeed, because AI will stop anyone from pulling the plug!

Why any fool would want to allow AI to develop that capita is beyond belief, but so is true, Kim Jong and Mr. Xi today and thousand of other Idiot Leaders who have killed our fellow men, women and children because hey wanted to be King or Queen.

Voting and the democratic process is therefore far too important to be left to fools or manipulative crooks out to enrich themselves by sitting on a golden throne or in an armoured train.

The above is something to consider over Easter, and if any writer wants to write a letter to FinnishNews, then go ahead and challenge any of the above thoughts. We would be leased to publish well presented letters on this topic.

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