NordicWeek – a new addition to FinnishNews coming soon

In the coming weeks, readers will be able to enjoy articles from a  group of well-known independent thinkers and columnists from Sweden. This expansion has been planned for some time as we have seen readership numbers rise steadily to well over 180 000, and growing each month!

We aim to cover important and interesting topics from Finland like the economy here, innovative and growth companies, clean and sustainable solutions, education and many other topics where countries like Finland excel. 

We also write about and assess national politics, the public sector and important social developments because Finland, as a small country, must adapt to global change.

Finland, along with the other Nordic countries have established many excellent and well-developed economic and social policies that have allowed our economies and societies to thrive. 

We have experimented and tried out new innovations some succeeded and others failed.  

We believe that it is useful to explain these policies, both the successes and the failures, because there is not enough coverage of these matters in the international press. We also take a look at international affairs and bring a Nordic perceptive.

FinnishNews is a fiercely independent newspaper and are not aligned in any way with any political party or any commercial interest. Our independence, our experienced writers and columnists together with the application of professional high quality represent our strengths.

As mentioned above, we will be introducing some new senior Swedish writers to readers to present and discuss the same topics as described above on Sweden and bring their own Swedish flavour to the table.

So happy reading!

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