Should our children be scared of the future?

The simple answer is yes! The present bunch on world leaders are a disaster. Trump lies brazenly, has no understanding of climate change, of healthcare needs of ordinary folk, or of the importance of global trade. It appears that he is unable to read anything longer than a simple ten word sentence and tweets ridiculous things like a crazed person. 

Putin is popular with our Russian neighbours, but his actions on the global arena are not those of a person in whom we should invest a lot of trust. Turkey, Poland Hungary and Italy have fallen from the EU path and have become big question marks.

France has a new king who has started, like Junker and Tusk, to try to build a new empire from the ragged collection of national states. It is no surprise that Macron’s popularity has fallen to new lows – while nobody seems to know how to measure Junker’s and Tusk’s popularity because they have no legitimate democratic position for the 500 million population of member states.

The UK is forced into Brexit and for 2 years thousands of people have wasted their whole careers on this nonsense created by Cameron and May. Their departure, if it occurs, from the EU is a disaster and nothing more.

Yes, our children have reason to be frightened when climate change and mindless aggression between the different national states in the Middle East is taking place. There are conflicts between Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and so on… Afghanistan and many unstable hooligan states in Africa continue to kill, rape and injure their own peoples – this leads to mass immigration, to refugees fleeing, to criminal gangs profiting from do-gooders, because the EU and others have no robust solution for all of these problems except selling weapons and more weapons… the USA, Russia, China, France, UK, Israel, and even Sweden and Finland justify selling such things of mass destruction as “defensive” vehicles…

Icebergs and melting ice-caps, and glaciers, rising sea levels, torrential rain, never before seen heat waves, pollution from plastic and human excrement, and farm residuals… they are all real and present – Thank you Mr. Trump for your lack of interest, and your undivided support for fossil fuels…

Then we have the Central Banks who decide to buy state bonds in massive amounts to keep interest rates low. They are just financing consumer spending and not industrial development. Banks are being consolidated and becoming “to big to fail”… Moral hazard is just waiting around the corner because regulators are so much weaker than powerful banks. Huge companies like the FANGS are selling our privacy for huge monopoly profits and actually raping what we understand to be democracy. The consumer regulators appear to be powerless to stop these monopolies from controlling the world!

Rupert Murdoch and the likes make money from this and so do the newly elected fools who use their services…

Yes our children have much to be scared of and we must do more to stop this crazed series of events by voting in a educated manner.

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