The Winners of the Junior Achievement’s (JA) Europe Enterprise Challenge 2017 in Helsinki

The Junior Achievement’s (JA) Europe Enterprise Challenge 2017 took place in Helsinki this week.

JA is almost 100 years old in the US, and JA Finland was started just a decade ago.

JA inspires and prepares students for entrepreneurship and they work with teachers and lecturers schools and universities with many annual competitions around the world.

The whole organisation is based on non-profit activities with a tiny group of professional staff and hundreds of volunteers.

As mentioned in the earlier article here in FinnishNews, public funding of JA is almost non-existant when compared to our Nordic neighbours. Private and corporate donors are the most important.

Here is the list of the award winners:

The JA Europe Award winning team was from Malta with their INTACT – they have designed sensors for motorcycle helmets that sound the alarm to the emergency services when a crash occurs. The team have worked with helmet producers, señor companies and the emergency and police services to research and design the products – it will save lots of lives fro this dangerous mode of transport.

The JA Europe Award 1st Runner UP was AgriMare Bio SB (note that this is a Student Company = “SB” something very special in Norway) for Norway. This group of marine students have developed a method of breeding Rag Worms on land and using their protein as a foodstuff for fish farms thus a great natural substitute for soya which should be used directly for human consumption. Rag worms are the natural feeding material for fish.

The JA Europe Award 2nd Runner Up was App’ero from France with an especially designed for bars that allows customers to order and pay through their smartphone. The app is the ideal solution to order without leaving your friends or waiting standing for a long time at the bar top. Bars save at least 3  to 4 minutes for each order because it is paperless and there is no need to hear or shout across and behind the bar to understand what is being ordered. This team was interesting because the students came from Spain, Korea, Tunisia and France!

The Nordea Sustainability Award (good that at least one big Finnish company is supporting this event) went to LEGIOAGRO that provides precision farming by monitoring crop fields, optimization, cost savings and increased profitability, all supported by three pillars: People, Sustainability and Profitability. One excellent example of their work was reduced water usage in fields that results in huge cost savings for farmers.

The Microsoft Innovation Award went to IOBEE from Belgium, who have designed a bee hive with several sensors that can be followed over the network on phones and laptops. This project together with that of AgriMare Bio SB just show how important it is to have young talented student work on project that are really important for mankind and not just a short-term fad like Facebook and Instgram. This project is an amazingly simple solution for the global food market because bees are being killed off by big agriculture supranational that are selling pesticides called neonicotinoids.

The NN Social Award went to LIGHT from Spain. Light is a mobile application that encourages people to be more sustainable in their daily lives through gamification and smart city systems.

The Roschier Client in Focus Award went to INTACT – see above – INTACT were the winners of the whole competition….

The Visa Connected Commerce went to CityCheck from Portugal.

City Check is a location-based game app. It allows families to play various games while exploring a city. Near each point of interest you will find contextual games related to the site you are visiting. You can also discover new characters to interact with and customize. CityCheck on FaceBook

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