What the Paradise Papers really said…

We now have many lists from the Paradise Papers and the Panama Papers with the following companies and people making obtuse excuses and false claims about their investment activities:

  1. Apple
  2. Facebook
  3. Pop idols
  4. Political leaders
  5. People who wear valuable metal things on their heads and claim to be a ruler without any real constitutional powers except lots of historical real estate and other benefits,
  6. Rich business men
  7. … and many othersAnd here is what most of them are saying:
  1. “We add value for our shareholders”
  2. “We are already paying so much in taxes – it is unfair for us to pay more!”
  3. “We work through our advisors, cannot be aware of all these tax-free investments or lightly taxed investments made on our behalf… “
  4. “We are not doing anything illegal…”
  5.  Nordea says, “We are just doing what is normal in the banking market for shipping…”

These companies and people are not paying taxes like the rest of us, because they can afford lawyers and solutions that are not available to ordinary people.

If we started to do the same, then our government would not have sufficient taxes to pay for the basic services which we all use!

Can you imagine what that would be like – long live neo-liberal rights with small government!

These people are happy to have us paying for their services from our taxed income, but when they take our money, they hide it from the taxman, and sit around boasting about their great yachts and private jets, their house in the Bahamas, or new trophy wives or husbands…

… and others get, or buy, nice political positions to reduce their own taxes on income and assets, and are allowed to trade with named Russia oligarchs who are on sanction lists, and even support people who get to elect shady characters to positions of power in America.

We even have some Conservative MPs in the Finnish Parliament who deal with the same Russians gentlemen… these are naturally vey nice people…

The worst of all this is that these same people can use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to ruin democratic elections with false news, while these and other media companies owned by other “oligarchs” sit back and rake in even more profits with impunity.

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