Helsinki Festival – Art goes Kapakka

“Kapakka” means a typical Finnish bar like the ones you have seen in the Aki Kaurismäki films – Smokey, darkened, ordinary workers thinking and talking about the meaning of life and what is right and fair… Here is a still a still photo from his film “I Hired A Contract Killer” with lots typical bar scene!

The festival started on 17.8.2018 with the legendary Tour of Choirs. Over 2260 singers gather on Senate Square to perform together. After the concert, the choirs spread out to the city to sing in the festival restaurants.

Helsinki has its “Art goes Kapakka” Festival every years and for 10 days and 10 nights, 39 restaurants, over 300 events and 36 exhibitions will take place in Helsinki until 25.8.2018 – they are all worth attending…

Most of the program is in Finnish, but some parts are in English, and you can manage with Google translate … The events are fun to follow even if you do not understand Finnish – you will see real Finns doing what they love doing and get a better feel for this lovely country.

Art goes Kapakka brings all kinds of events to the restaurants; the festival is full of music, performance, poetry, improvisation and other performing arts. Read more here for the full program.

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