UK’s Aviation Authority reveals airlines’ seating scams

FinnishNews has been writing about how Finnair routinely sells assigned seats at an additional cost to passengers and will split up families and couples on the flights if they do not pay up! This has been noted by your correspondent on several Finnair flights in the last 12 months from personal experience, and based on complaints heard in the plane from families.

Finnair have responded by telling passengers that they had the choice of buying seats when the tickets were purchased. However, the cost of such seating can increase the final ticket cost between 10% to 15% which is a substantial extra cost not disclosed when comparing prices. Furthermore, Finnair does not warn passengers that they may or will be separated if seats are not purchased!

Norwegian and SAS appear not to practice separating families and couples although they do offer passengers seats for sale.

Now the UK’s Aviation Authority has commissioned a study from Yougov, an independent data research group, that states that UK airline passengers were paying almost €200 million each year on unnecessary allocated seating fees, when some 50% got to sit together without paying!

Here is the table published by YouGov:

So next time you book seats, just consider what the airline is trying to do – the more that passengers refuse to pay the quicker they will stop this policy!

Photo: SAS website

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