Finnish Politics – Government by Bullies & Cowards

You could only watch and listen with shock and dismay at the True Finns representative on Finnish TV the other evening. Their MP, Jani Mäkelä, was arrogant in the extreme when he gave the impression that workers and the unions are fools because he said that the strikes will have no impact on government policy, would achieve nothing, and that talking with the unions was a waste of time. He did not answer questions put to him by the commentator and interrupted the left-wing politician who was both polite and calm for his part in the debate.

That such an arrogant person represents the government on national TV is beyond belief. The True Finns are not the largest party, and Mäkelä is no prime minister. It is amazing that the Prime Minister is not on television explaining to a shocked population why the government cannot talk with the unions as is normal in this country. He appears to have no problems to be in deep discussions with the employer’s union!

It appears that Prime Minister Orpo is hiding behind the True Finns like a foolish child behind his mother’s back because he does not want to be seen to be the source of all this strife.

It is interesting that Stubb, the Conservative supported presidential candidate, is supporting these harsh cuts proposed by the Conservatives and True Finns. Voting for him will see a more divided country, as well as a country that is less caring about climate change, another policy pushed by the True Finns and the employers’ union.

Trumpian politics is not to be welcomed here or in any other democratic country.

Let’s be clear – low-income folk and unemployed workers are facing increased costs because of high inflation, higher interest rates, with a big turndown in economic activity.

Sixten Korkman, a leading independent economist and writer who has worked in the Ministry of Finance in many past governments, pointed out in a recent television interview that the present cuts aimed at low-income folk are “immoral policies”!

Bankruptcies are now at higher levels than what was seen after the financial crisis. Jobs in construction, in the forestry industry, in the hospitality sector and in the retail sector have fallen dramatically. Rents in the main cities where jobs are available are too high for low-income folk. Those affected simply cannot find work as skilled programmers, or in professions in the health, legal sector, or financial sectors! Jobs do not hang on trees in front of their faces and moving is challenging because house prices or rental apartments in cities are often well beyond their reach.

It is an intolerable situation when the government is happy to talk with the Employers Union whose agenda is to secure the cheapest possible labour contracts. As mentioned above, this same government refuses to deal directly with the other side of the factory floor!

Talk of “mafia-controlled” unions from the True Finns is as unacceptable as is arrogant behaviour…

… Finnish consensus democracy is really being challenged today…

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