Megalomaniac Spends on War While Russians Suffer & Die

Ukraine has never been a threat to Russia – it is not now and never was!

Putin claims that there are Nazis in Ukraine who are a danger to Russia without ever explaining who they are and what are they doing. Without facts we must assume that he is lying because this madness has continued for 2 years as a full-scale war and 9 years from the first limited invasion of Crimea.

Before the Second World War, we could all see quite clearly that a fascist Nazi movement led Germany under Hitler was a threat to Europe. He attacked many European countries with a formidable war machine, and the Allies stopped him after millions were killed, including 6 million Jews. Ukraine was never a military threat – in fact quite the opposite, meaning that Putin himself has become the equivalent of Hitler – a despotic and brutal Fascist who is guilty of the most serious war crimes.

During the last 2 years over 350 000 Russians have been killed and seriously injured in Ukraine.

There is a myth that Russians accept their fate because they have always been ruled by “strong” leaders. That is nothing more than a falsehood of the worse kind.

Not one man or woman will go freely to their death in the freezing mud and chaos that Putin has contrived in Ukraine. Not one Russian mother or father wants their children to face such a fate!

This order of brutal killing was made during Christmas, the Christian holiday that he claims to be following. This man is no religious person because that is not what any Christian would do. Jesus, the central figure of Christianity, has always talked about peaceful honorable living – he never promoted war against an neighboring independent country.

He is never in the war zone – he is too scared to face bombs and bullets…

… and yet he has no hesitation to send more Russians to be maimed and killed for no good reason. He has yet to explain why he has declared war on Ukraine. The longer we must wait the greater his crime of brutality against his own people.

Last week, Putin ordered hundreds of missiles and bombs to attack cities in Ukraine at an estimated cost of €1 000 000 000,

Just think what good Putin could have achieved with this money to help his own people, the great majority of whom live in abject poverty like many in Africa.

Putin is still in his bunker with the best wine and food money can buy.

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