Nothing Should Stop EU’s Support for Ukraine

The media is full of stories about how Orbán is trying to blackmail the EU by stopping a consensus decision to support Ukraine as this heroic country defends itself against Putin’s criminal war machine.

We know that Orbán has crossed the line by continuing to trade with Russia, thus paying cash into Russia’s war economy, and by breaking with the principles of the Rule of Law.

The EU has correctly withheld our funds to which poorer EU member states are entitled.

Now is not the time to give in to Orbán and his blackmail. We should simply ignore his gaming of the EU legal framework and decide that the rest of us fulfil our moral and political obligations to Ukraine without Hungary.

There is nothing in the EU system that prevents countries to work together in a voluntary manner and have a collection of cash as we have done for decades in churches, clubs and on the Internet, to help those is need. Naturally, we should also deduct Hungary’s unpaid amount from any future EU funding that they might be eligible for in the future.

Let the Hungarians stew in the mess of their own making. If they really want to have Orbán as their elected leader, then they must bear the consequences. Let them enjoy the sour fruits of a cosy relationship with Russia once more.

Ordinary Hungarians must choose their fights carefully – either they continue to support a corrupt leader and face a dangerous relationship with a former invader, or turn their backs on corruption and enjoy the fruits of a united EU.

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