War Criminals & Uninsured Baltic Oil Tankers

The Russian war criminal is funding his war against Ukraine using oil uninsured tankers that are passing through the narrow Baltic Sea, a place where any major oil spill would be a disaster for many countries.

The Russian war criminal is using thousands of old rusty tankers, many of which are uninsured, to transport his bloodied oil from Russia to clients who could not careless about his brutal attack on Ukraine.

See: Politico Russia’s shadow fleet is a disaster waiting to happen

The big question to be asked is what are the countries surrounding the Baltic states doing about this?

One big oil spill will not be covered if an uninsured ship spills its filthy oil into the Baltic.

Another big question is what is the EU doing about it because the cost of cleaning up the damage can be astronomic.

We need to hold Russia’s property and financial assets as collateral if the war criminal is deliberately flouting international rules…

… and, of course the war criminal is deliberately flouting international rules on shipping, as he is by attacking Ukraine and killing civilians, and by forcing foreign refugees living in Russia across our borders.

That man who claims to be a president in Russia is no more than a thug and war criminal even though he appears to believe that the Russian people love him because they go in their millions to vote him into power again. The problem is that voters need alternative names on the ballot – not soldiers with guns standing behind their backs!

Graphic from www.marinetraffic.com

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