Badger&Co – Great Pitas in Central Helsinki

They open with food at 16:00h and they are worth a visit because the chef is a really professional cook – lots of experience in some of Finland’s best restaurants – but he wanted to have a life where he is in direct contact with hungry clients with food that you can actually dream about!

Pita is a traditional Mediterranean delicacy that has now found its way to Helsinki as well. Their handmade pitas are baked in their kitchen and are filled with delicacies that can be found for every taste…

… and 3 pitas is a good amount even for a big person with a sweet tooth.


  • PTHE PITA BURGER  13€                   Entrecote patty, parmesan, pickled cucumber, tomato
  • BELUGA LENTIL & VEGGIES  7€    Confit mushroom & pickled fennel
  • BEEF TARTAR  7€                               Parmesan mayo, shallots & capers
  • OCTOPUS  7€                                       Octopus confit, romesco & almonds
  • TIGER PRAWN  7€                              Coriander, mini tomatoes & lime
  • SMOKED VENDACE 7€                     Romesco & crispy potato
  • TERIYAKI PORK  7€                           Ginger lime mayo & red cabbage
  • WHITE CHOCOLATE  7€                   Apple caramel, almond & yogurt


  • WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO  10€      Olive oil & truffel
  • TORTILLA ESPANOL  6€                       Potato, egg, truffel salsa
  • KOREAN BLACKBEAN SALAD  6€    Chili & cucumber

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