Putin Belongs in Siberia’s IK-3 Prison Colony

After his speech today, just before the Russian presidential election that he will win with 99.99% of the popular vote, Mr. Putin has once again lied to his people:

  1. He has lied about winning the war in Ukraine where over 300 000 Russian men have been killed or seriously wounded.
  2. He has stolen Ukrainian children from their homes.
  3. He has ordered daily deadly assaults in innocent Ukrainian civilians with bombs, missiles and tanks.
  4. He has ordered the destruction of cities, towns and villages in Ukraine.
  5. This madman has ordered his soldiers to rape and kill Ukrainian men, women and children.

His brutal attack on Ukraine, an independent country, has now lasted two years and even though there was never any physical threat to Russia from any one or any army from Ukraine, he still keeps on killing and wounding Ukrainians.

Nobody understands why he is doing this – the damage he has caused his country is as bad as the two other psychopaths – Hitler or the North Korean despot. How two remaining men can do this without being stopped is beyond comprehension.

No thinking person should even consider murdering thousands of others in another country. It is against all moral values and a terrible waste of human life.

All the more terrible is that fools like Trump have jumped onto Putin’s. Trump made a terrible public statement last week. He said that Putin should go ahead and attack any weak country in the Nato organisation, if he wants to! He said that America would not interfere…

That alone should disqualify Trump from being elected…

… his statement is pure madness.

No sane leader of the West can ever be seen to support Putin when we all see his mindless war against to people of Ukraine.

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