UK Down the Brexit Drain

Your correspondent has just spent a week in the UK with family and friends. Most of the time was spent in Brighton, a small city, full of students and tourists, with a normal infrastructure that you would expect in any British city.

Apart from a very enjoyable time, spent with family and friends, one can really wonder what an earth is happening in a country it was once well kept and tidy.

Today places like Brighton are full of empty shops, rundown housing, dirty streets, and rusting infrastructure, in almost every part of the city.

The shops and cafés around the beach were run down places selling secondhand clothes, tatty souvenirs, or cheap Chinese glittering Christmas decorations!

Homeless folk and drunks held court during the nights and most of the day in empty shop entrances.

Pubs and restaurants served Fish & Chips, pizzas, tea and chocolate biscuits, and Great British breakfasts all day laden with fats, sugars, and flour! Waiters and waitresses were polite enough, but few had much idea about service quality, and probably very little training.

The main railway station in Brighton was also typically British – more ticket machines were on the blink rather than working, and the platforms resembled landfills more than platforms. Possibly one of Europe’s once richest countries has fallen far because it appears that they cannot afford to keep public areas clean and tidy…

Brexit has certainly been an important milestone for the United Kingdom, and one must congratulate their brilliant leaders in formulating such a catastrophe in such compelling terms! Over half the population appear to have fallen for exaggerated promises that Brexit will allow you “to have your cake and eat it”!

Brexit is nothing more than a terrible event that has made the great majority of working people and pensioners far worse off!

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David Cameron, the former Prime Minister who was the Prime Minister resigned after a majority of voters voted for Brexit in 2016. He had foolishly promised to honor the result of “the people’s referendum”. Now many years later he has been appointed as Foreign Minister in Sunak’s government, a government that still goes on about the virtues of Brexit even though GDP has fallen more than 15%, and most people are far worse off because the UK no longer has easy access to it largest trading partner. Things have never been so bad because of the stupidity of leading politicians there!

They say that “the proof is in the pudding” – this is an expression that means the value, quality, or truth of something must be judged based on direct experience. Your correspondent was rather shocked to see that the new to-be-crowned king is a man who dresses up like an African witch doctor while covering his head with a piece of metal with glittering stones while holding what appear to be strange cooking utensils when opening Parliament.

Can anybody really take this seriously in this day and age?

But one lesson for visitors to the UK, don’t tell them home truths because they, like their American cousins are blinded by their leaders who have everything to gain from guilible voters’ losses.

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