FinnishNews only includes tested restaurants without the owners or staff knowing.

YLP! – Food Made with Love & Skill in Tammisaari

“Tokyo Street” in Hietalahti Market – Ms. Kawasaki cooks delicious Japanese meals in a tiny market space!

“Cafe Aalto” – an important part of Finnish design and architectural history

“Café Engel” is one of the most elegant and interesting coffee rooms and restaurant in Helsinki

It’s called ”Bar 9” and it’s where you meet people…

Excellent “Malaga Bar” (and restaurant) in Helsinki in “Jallukka Building” in Jätkäsaari

“Restaurant Vinkkeli” – Really classic Finnish cuisine, and a must to reserve a place in paradise…

“Restaurant Seahorse” – the most Finnish place since 1934…

“Restaurant Elite” – one of the grander restaurants with an artistic flair

“Maxill” – A Classic Finnish Restauarant

“Eromanga”, a Pacific Island & Helsinki’s best meat pies


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